Estate Planning

We provide appraisals for estate planning and support for IRS submissions.  Uses include:

  •  Estate planning for future use,
  • Transfer of properties from one related entity to another,
  • Retrospective date of death appraisals,
  • Appraisals to establish estate values at date of death,
  • Step-up basis values at time of death,
  • Real estate values within a family business entity
  • Appraisals of privately held business real estate may be required by IRS regulations to support values claimed on estate or gift tax returns.

A professional appraisal provides the client support in case of agency or IRS questions or audit.  Executors, attorneys, and CPA’s can  rely on a well-documented appraisal report by an appraiser with the MAI designation to establish values for estate purposes to make sure all regulatory entities, now and in the future, are satisfied. Don’t risk cutting corners, it may well come back to affect you.

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