Marital Real Estate Planning

Appraisals for marital real estate planning can clear the air and provide all with the confidence of what is realistic and fair.  Marital planning is sometimes used as a synonym for divorce actions, and this is probably the most common use.  However, appraisals can be used to establish going-in values when both parties have real estate assets, to plan pre-nuptial agreements, for non-traditional marriages where legal issues may still be in flux, and for similar marital planning issues.

It may not sound like much fun to include appraisals as part of the wedding planning process, but this may actually the best time to do so.  Everyone is happy and optimistic, and a realistic estimate of personal assets on both sides coming into the marriage commitment can help establish a pre-marital financial basis to help you plan your financial futures.  And, should worse come to worse down the road, it is much easier, cheaper, and faster to come to settlement agreements if going-in values were previously established by an independent appraiser when both sides were happy and in agreement.

For romance or divorce, appraisals for marital planning can provide both parties a sense of fairness and confidence.

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