Mortgage and Brokerage Services

Appraisals are commonly used in obtaining mortgage loans from banks, financial entities, investment firms, etc.  Most times these lenders will be required to obtain their own appraisal and cannot use one prepared for the property owner.  Don’t make the mistake of purchasing your own appraisal to provide to a lender until you are certain that an owner-ordered appraisal from that appraiser will be accepted by your lender.  (Ethics and law prevent appraisers from re-addressing or re-certifying appraisals, and that is not an option).  Wheeler Appraisals provides real estate appraisals for a wide variety of lenders and can provide you references.  The lender will engage the appraiser and will avoid any hint of not being independent.  Independence on all parts of the transaction is what we all want.

In need of a real estate broker?  Wheeler Appraisals / Curt Wheeler can provide real estate brokerage services as needed. The State of Florida broker license number for Curt Wheeler is BK135345, and he has been licensed 30+ years.  Curt Wheeler not only has the license to broker real estate, but the knowledge from 30+ years of appraisal experience to advise and guide buyers or sellers to a range of expected values/prices.   A broker with the knowledge and experience of an appraiser can be of major assistance to either party in a transaction.

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