Other Services

Consider Wheeler Appraisals for the following services:

  • Financing decisions
  • Estate planning and tax returns
  • Business and marital partnerships/dissolutions
  • Consultation to prepare for trials involving appraisal issues
  • 2nd opinion consultations/review
  • Insurance coverage cost estimates
  • Business valuations and real estate
  • Buy-sell and pricing decisions with sensitivity analysis
  • Discounted cash flow analysis (Argus)
  • Providing data for your own decision making

Whatever your need, we strive to provide accurate, timely, well-supported value estimates that will provide you the information needed to help you in your decision making. We subscribe to a variety of proprietary data sources to supplement the universal generic information that is available publicly. Pricing levels are not synonymous with value levels, and an appraisal from a MAI-designated appraiser can assist you by providing an independent, unbiased estimate of market value.


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